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A Model of Learning Objectives

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Angela Gunder (Faculty), Nov 29, 2012

This engaging visualization of Bloom's Taxonomy of the cognitive domain offers a strong interactive element clearly highlighting the spectrum of objectives between lower order and higher order thinking.  I utilized this material in the construction of a professional development module for designers building and implementing webinars in the section on the importance of setting meaningful learning objectives.  With the bright colors and clear logic of the graphic, this material is appropriate for not only students in the field of education, but learners from all disciplines and backgrounds.  Overall, the site is easy to use, accessible, and grounded in essential theory.

Technical Remarks:

Although the interactivity of the table is run in Flash (limiting access by certain browsers and mobild devices), there is an alternate version of the content in PDF format.  As a handout, the PDF file would be a great resource to distribute to students.