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Goal-directed Instructional Design

Rating: 4 stars
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Submitted by: Dana Lord (Teacher (K-12)), Dec 07, 2012

I like that you are taking Shakespeare and using web 2.0 skills to create active learning for the students. I think that the students will definitely gain understanding through a discussion with each other via blogs or tweets, but are they discussing the material in class prior to beginning the online discussion? I'm a little unclear on how the lesson actually progresses from the ID lesson plan. Do the students work individually on the final project or will they be in groups? How do you "translate" the information prior to the blogs/tweets?

Technical Remarks:

Depending on the school, not all of the students will have the web 2.0 skills for all of these activities. They should definitely learn them prior to graduating high school, but I know that the freshman in my district won't all know how to manage an e-portfolio or create a podcast. These are great tools to use for this lesson, but the teacher may need to take class time to teach these skills.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes