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Grad School Walkthrough (STAIR)

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Lindsay Annelin (Teacher (K-12)), Feb 27, 2013

This presentation is very user-friendly and I would find it quite useful if I were applying to grad school...well done!  It is easy to navigate, not confusing in the least and I love how the slides incorporate the option to choose "right on track" or "in need of assistance" type options.  With the use of these two options, this PowerPoint is well directed towards students who are just getting started with applying to grad school, or students who are ahead of the game and just have some questions.

I loved the "Fab Five" heading and find it clever and resourceful.  The presentation takes the user through each of the recommended requirements step by step and the grad school expectations.  It includes helpful tips and hints. 

The "refresher" option on the last page is an excellent addition for those who may have additional questions or need a reminder on a particular topic.  Overall, great work!

Technical Remarks:

Due to the slideshare, I was not able to click on some of the extra links, but know that would not be the case on the actual PowerPoint presentation.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 min.