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Beginner's Guide to Business Research

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Johannes Allert (Independent Scholar), Mar 26, 2013

Excellent learning material for students who are just starting out as business majors. Provides fundamental knowledge enabling students to create a detailed and accurate analysis of companies in a short period of time. Focuses on pursuing a few reputable on-line resources, consequently the student avoids the 'mile wide and an inch deep' assesment. However, one draw back is the assuming everyone is a student with access to academic material. Suggest alternatives (public library, historical centers) as alternatives to academic institutions for individuals conducting general research outside the classroom.

Technical Remarks:

Very thorough step-by-step analysis with clear explanations and quiz at the end to test comprehension of material presented.


Time spent reviewing site: 40-60 minutes