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Elixr: The Impact of Faculty Development Activities

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Submitted by: Jane Harris (Staff), Dec 11, 2013

Probably the most significant challenge faculty development faces is evaluating the effect its work on student learning which is what this study purports to do. The results presented represent the views of the instructors in the clips. There are no clips of students. In terms of student reaction, the most we hear is that instructors used student feedback to refine their practice.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to examine the associated documents, including the study report, because the links on the materials and resources pages are broken.


I found the report and the student evaluation form (in an appendix) here:


The study and clips are effective overall because they demonstrate a structured and reflective process by which instructors examine, modify, and assess a teaching practice. In turn, faculty developers were examining the effect of their practice as well. The willingness of instructors to participate and share their learning process shows courage and commitment. These instructors were volunteers, which may have biased study outcomes.

Given access to the study instruments, the structure of this model of faculty development could be usefully implemented elsewhere.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour