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Workplace Ethics

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Submitted by: Karen Parkerson-Foster (Student), Apr 25, 2014
Comment: I disagree with my peers that the Drill and Practice material is geared toward face to face rather than an online course. For use in an online course one can simply assign groups; give each group their own sub-forum with one of the scenarios to discuss. Each individual in the group would read the scenario and answer the prompt questions in a discussion thread. The group can continue to discuss their cohorts’ answers and come to a consensus. The group then selects one of their members to post the consensus to the main class discussion forum to include their group number and member names. Once all groups have posted their consensus and defense, all members of class may leave feedback. The scenarios are sound and typical situations employees face on a day to day basis. For younger students in the class, it will give some insight into what ethical challenges they may face later in life. More experienced returning students have the opportunity to draw from personal experiences and relate wisdom to younger students