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Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Margarita Trápaga (Student), Jul 18, 2014

   the worldatlas : This material was very usefull  for me as I am learning about " learning objects", what are they, its importance, its  design ,  and why they  are  necessary to add them in my  lesson plans. 

I want to share the comment  because I agree that  this is a good learning object because students could go to this site and learn something without being supervised by a teacher. The site is full of fun facts and information that is easy to get to. Students can find flags, maps of oceans and countries, and learn vocabulary that will benefit their learning. Teachers can find printable maps, and valuable information on any country. The website is engaging to all who come across it. It is aesthetically pleasing and fun to use. There are games, quizzes, graphics, and fun facts that will keep the attention of students and teachers alike.

Time spent reviewing site: sevaral hours