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German for Music Lovers

Rating: 3 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Horst Kurz (Faculty), Jan 30, 2002
Comment: Eclectic selection--ranging from Volkslieder to Lieder and modern pop
music--with good accompanying materials. Includes song texts (unfortunately no
audio files), vocabulary (including links to off-site dictionaries), questions,
grammar exercises (although not necessarily integrated with specific texts), and
external links (more info on the artists, other grammar sites, etc.). The
grammar part is an overview of the basics in English (however, some explanations
may be too technical for the occasional, average user). Users will profit not
only from having texts available but from the added materials.

Technical Remarks:

Straightforward, although inconsistent presentation (too many different
backgrounds for my taste) should not pose major problems for visitors. No
fancy, useless interface. Some of the grammar tables would benefit from a review
of the underlying HTML (to fill all fields), and all text does not have to be
centered... (left aligned makes reading easier).