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Virtual Mummy: Unwrapping a Mummy by Mouse Click

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Doug Dailey (Student), Oct 08, 2002
Comment: I reviewed the site "Virtual Mummy:Unwrapping A
Mummy By Mouse Click". This was not only a very
informative site but it was also a very fun site to
interact with. It is very helpful because it shows many
images and even has quicktime movies of different
mummies. You can learn a lot about how medically
knowledgable the Egyptians were before ost other
civilizations even knew what the body was. This site
shows any different views of mummies and it even lets
you see a mummy unwrapped layer by layer. This site is
a very good one because not only is it a cool site to
visit, but it also provides you with a 'hands on' type
of learning experience. The only problem I found with
the site is that you must download an upgrade to media
player to view it, but it is a short download and it is
definatly worth it.