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East Asia in World History

Rating: 3 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Brandon Cannady (Student), Oct 11, 2002
Comment: For my second objective I chose "East Asia in World
History" by the East Asia Institute Columbia University.
The site is made to help teachers with the burden of
creating a lesson plan and activities for the student.
The website goes incredibly in depth into the history of
China. It has hundreds of links for you to always be
able to go somewhere else. The site has different
assignments for students it even has some film
assignments. But this site doesn't just have the work
you need to do. If you follow the links you will go in
to the curriculum materials to another page of links.
These links include all of the class readings, maps and
several more. I must say that the page is a very nice
and neat one and I think it is an easy website to follow
and learn from.

Technical Remarks:

The website has easy to follow links. And a nice web layout.