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Kennedy Center Millennium Stage

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Alice Pauquette (Student), Oct 19, 2002
Comment: I am a graduate student working on an assignment for a class. I have spent
several hours reviewing the MERLOT website. This particular website I found
most interesting. I teach music in a multi-level classroom. I am planning to
use this website to enhance the understanding of general music studies. The
performances range in length from around 5 minutes to over an hour. The
performances can be used to enhance a music lesson as well as other content
areas. The range of performances is unbelievable, from a celebration of the USO
to Flamenco dancers. This site allows for the sharing of performing arts
within a classroom without traveling to a performance. The usefulness of these
performances is unending.

This website is very easy to use. It has a searchable database that allows one
to search by artist, keyword, date or genre. The archives date back to October
1998. There is also a calendar for upcoming performances. This feature allows
for ease of use within the standards for teaching music.

Technical Remarks:

The best viewing for the performances is in the original size in which it opens.
The sound quality is very good. The performances are best viewed with
RealPlayer 8.