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FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool)

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Thomas Nolan (Faculty), Nov 20, 2002
Comment: I spent about 90 minutes reviewing this site and experimenting with it to design
an assessment instrument.

This site helps instructors to design and administer web-based course
assessments. The site provides users with a simple online tool for assessing
their students? impressions of their courses and their teaching. Instructors
can then open a proactive dialogue with students about teaching, the course, and
the entire learning process.

An immediate benefit of this is that it integrates assessment as a formative
process throughout the delivery of the course so that changes can be made
immediately--during the course--to benefit the students who are giving the
feedback, rather than receiving feedback after the course is completed.

The program is easy for instructors to administer and easy for students to use.
It allows students to contribute their feedback anonymously. It provides a
graphic summary of results.