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Virtual Bacterial Identification Lab

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: alan elkins (Faculty), Feb 26, 2003
Comment: I navigated the virtual lab and was quite impressed. Normally I do care for
virtual labs but this site offers procedures that most students could never
experience otherwise.

Technical Remarks:

The Bacterial ID Lab incorporates all of the processes involved in DNA
sequencing from sample preparation to final analysis. It allows a student with
limited lab skills and no access to expensive equipment to experience a ?state
of the art? procedure.
It demonstrates the tools and technology the make gene sequencing possible and
removes some of the mystery accompanying so complex a process. The non-biology
major will gain a better understanding of the technique and its application. The
site is arranged in six stages that the student can easily navigate. The
student can visit and revisit each procedure. Instructions and explanations are
provided so that the student understands each step.