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The Internet Picture Dictionary

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Samantha Tuor (Faculty), May 08, 2003
Comment: Wow! This is an incredible website for beginning ESL students. I only
spent about 10 minutes reviewing this site, but in that time I was able to see
what a valuable resource this can be for both students and teachers. It is user
friendly and the lessons are very simple to initiate.
If you are an instructor with in-class web access, this could be a valuable
resource. There are a number of vocabulary building exercises on this site
that students can easily access. There is an A-Z picture dictionary for the
most basic instruction...matching the a picture and a word for vocabulary
acquisition. There are fun word games to play to enhance word recognition such
as word scrambles and fill-in CLOZE type exercises.
The website is easy to access as are the lessons within the site. Beginning
web-users would be able to access this material without any difficulty. It is
truly a 5 star site for beginners.