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Research Tips

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Sally Palmer (Faculty), May 19, 2003
Comment: I spent the better part of an hour reviewing this site for use with college
freshmen during their research paper unit. I was very impressed with its
organization and layout: it would be very easy for students to navigate through
the site, finding the particular topics they wanted. There are illustrations
and links that help make the material readable and provide opportunity for
students to try out the sources referred to. The material is very basic: any
student could understand what is being presented.
Unfortunately, the links on this site to scholarly databases are (necessarily)
proprietary. Therefore, students at other colleges will be unable to access
from this site the kind of authoritative, scholarly material most teachers
prefer they use for their research papers. The value of this site is thus
limited for students at large.

Technical Remarks:

At one point the link is provided to a site called I was
concerned lest this be one of those ready-made sites freshmen are so fond of,
that provide topics with pre-selected quotes and sources they can use in their
paper without searching for them themselves. I couldn't get the link to work,
though; nor could I access this site by typing in the URL given, so I still
don't know what kind of site this is.