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Function Grapher

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Sarah Cady (Student), Sep 29, 2003
Comment: Function Grapher is very easy to use. Although it may be too simple for
graphing more complicated equations, it works extremely well for its intentions.
Function Grapher is an excellent tool for someone who may not be able to
afford a graphing calculator or just needs a quick and simple graph. It is also
useful if a student wants to print out a graph to include in an assignment or a

Technical Remarks:

The different functions available in Function Grapher are very well defined and
clearly available for students to access. It is also very easy to navigate
around the graph and zoom in on specific sections of the graph.

I gave it four stars because I think it is a great site, but could use a few
more advanced features.