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Manipula Math - Geometry I

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Jeremy Deutsch (Student), Oct 13, 2003
Comment: I spent a short time looking at your material here on basic geometry: parallel
lines and angles to be more specific, and I was impressed by it. The lessons
taught in it are clear and consise, well-organized, easy to understand, and very
practical to students learning this type of material. I'm going to eventually
teach mathematics when I graduate and would definitely consider using this or a
site similar to it to teach my students about lines and angles. That is
probably the age of students that i will be teaching as well. I think the
material is very easy to use and the students may even learn more because of the
fact that it is on the computer and they can move and manipulate the lines and
angles and come up with their own ideas and theories about the concepts at hand.