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Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Chely Chryssikos (Student), Apr 21, 2004
Comment: I reviewed this site for about 30 minutes on two separate occasions. It was so
fun I actually caught myself wanting to try more of the activities. This is a
great site for use in a French class at any age. There was such a wide variety
of activities that any group of students could find something valuable to try.
I do wonder, however, how often the material is either changed or added too.

Technical Remarks:

A small basic knowledge of the French Language is needed in order to sift your
way through the site. The activities are pretty simply to operate and there is
room for error. I especially enjoyed the fact that there was a short lesson
before a small quiz on each area of material. There is also opportunity to see
the correct answer to any incorrect responses given.