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PHP MySQL - Interactive Website Design

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Lynn Aaron (Faculty), Oct 20, 2004
Comment: This tutorial (actually set of tutorials) focuses on the use of PHP to interact
with a MySQL database. There are tutorials on a useful selection of basic
database functions. A separate, basic tutorial is provided on each topic. The
material was accurate and easy to understand. Sample, completed scripts are
also provided.

The authors suggest using MySQL to create the database, but give an alternative
PHP approach.

This material is good for people who have basic familiarity with PHP and an
understanding of databases. Knowledge of SQL would also be helpful. It is
useful for development and/or review of a basic set of scripts to manage a

Technical Remarks:

Navigation is clear and the interface functions well.

Users will need access to a server that provides PHP and MySQL. Or they will
need to be able to install one. This could be an obstacle for beginners.