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Guide to Grammar and Writing

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Mary Russell (Faculty), Nov 30, 2004
Comment: I spent an hour browsing this site. I am a faculty member who requires my
anthropology students to complete written assignments. I grade the students'
grasp of the course material and, although I do not grade their writing
mechanics, I do note spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Since finding
this high-quality site, I expect that I will direct students to it so that they
review particular rules about writing. In this way, students who desire to
improve their writing skills can do so.

Technical Remarks:

I encountered no technical problems whatsoever when using this site. Using the
index is easier than using the drop-down menus that appear on the home page,
although first-time users might like the drop-down menus to orient themselves to
the resource.