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A Treatise on the Nature of Life

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Barbra Bied Sperling (Staff), Oct 08, 2005
Comment: In rebuttal to Bruce there, I saw the relationship first. And I saw the relationships I detail within my treatise without having cluttered my mind with a barrage of information a formal education would have brought upon me.

Some cannot see the forest from the trees.

Technical Remarks:

My story Dear Mergatroid contains a template, a conceptual blueprint within the Treatise on the Nature of Life that can theorize designs for the creation of prototype cognitive computers which mimic the living biological life forms. I like to think history will recognize my story Dear Mergatroid as the catalyst, the spark motivating generations of young people to the actual realization of this goal in a future United States of America.

That's all I'll say, for now.