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Internal Combustion Engine

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Jason Frederick (Student), Dec 08, 2005

How you reviewed the materials

I used several applets to verify several case studies worked during my introductory thermodynamics class. This only took a matter of minutes, instead of the several hours that it took to perform the complex calculations involved in the case study.

Quality of content

The site is very strait forward and the information given is very well organized and easy to follow. The site is defiantly useful for a student using thermodynamics at any level.

Potential effectiveness for enhanced teaching and learning
This site is very effective for either a beginning student or a seasoned teacher. The applets as well as the accompanying text are all strait forward and easy to navigate. The site has definite potential for classroom use.

Ease of using

The site was very easy to use. The applets were all strait forward and contained in a logical outline that made them easy to find and navigate.