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Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Barbra Bied Sperling (Staff), Dec 08, 2005
Comment: This website is very clear and concise. I looked into the biology sub heading
because I am a biology major myself. We actually just covered all of the
sensory tracts and how our senses work. The information I found here was very
accurate and very well explained. The creator took a lot of time to make
something that is a rather complicated topic to be a very simple idea. I was
very impressed by the models along the side of the paragraphs to break of the
description. It also provides more understanding for the visual learners then.
I got a great review for my test on Monday from this site!

Technical Remarks:

I might try to find more models or pictures or something. It would help to
break up some of the parts that are lots of word descriptions.