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The Biology Project: Biochemistry

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Liz Kinney (Student), Mar 18, 2006
Comment: This website provides exceptional interactivity. Users have the option of first
reading through a text-style tutorial, and then testing their knowledge in
either a series of randomized questions from a large selection, or in a
systematic path from beginning to end that prevented jumping ahead (dependent
upon each section’s design). Topics are presented in a sequence that is logical
to the subject, but different sections may be selected at will. This site was
reviewed for part of a lesson plan assignment; it took several hours to travel
and learn from the entire site; it would be great to use it in the classroom.

Technical Remarks:

An exceptional variety of learning techniques were used in this site. The amino
acid structural building graphics, and all of the equations and chemical
formula, exhibit different approaches for all types of learners and not a typo
to be found. There were no troubles in switching amongst its numerable relevant
topics, and its use could be adapted for students preparing for tests on their
own or for classroom use. Concepts and models are not only educationally
significant; they are highly relevant and very well done.