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Classrooms Full of Stars: Theater Games in the Social Sciences

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Barb Gehrts (Faculty), Apr 03, 2006
Comment: I believe this site to be innovative for use in the social sciences. One
student from the social science methods class at NSU led my AP European History
class in theater games. The college student was successful in motivating the
students to develop conflict and resolution in their improvisations. In one 85
minute block, the future teacher had success and the students thrived on the
theater games. Theatre games can be used to introduce a unit, review a unit, or
just for fun! Thumbs up!!

Technical Remarks:

The site is easy to navigate, well organized, and gives great suggestions for
use. The games follow a step-by-step progression to allow for a successful