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Interactive Music Skill Checks

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Kacie Nichols (Student), Apr 04, 2006
Comment: I am a Psychology major and music minor. I just finished completing the tasks on
this site about ten minutes ago to see how and what they tested. Not only this
but I was able to test myself on what I have learned in my own music theory
classes. This site was a wonderful way to learn or retest what you already have
learned. It was very simply stated and easy to follow. Being in music theory
classes myself, I found the information of the content to be quite accurate.
This site would be an excellent way to teach music theory and to test students
on what they have already learned in class.

Technical Remarks:

This site was easy to navigate and to use. The pop ups for the tests loaded a
little slower than most other things I have come across but were very easy to
use and helpful once they did open (worth the wait). Other than that I did not
really run into any technical issues at all. This is a very helpful, organized,
and easy to navigate site.