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Death and Burial in Egypt

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Kelly Perlmutter (Student), Jul 16, 2001
Comment: I found this website really interesting. I really liked how over the computer a
view could look at art work that are in museams all over the world. Although
this does not replace actually going to a musem it allows people to view things
that they might never get the chance to see in person. I clicked on collections
and exhibits and then explored ancient egyptian art. I really enjoyed looking at
all the different pictures of ancient mummy coffins. I liked how next to every
picture they gave a description of the piece along with a little bit of

Technical Remarks:

This site was very easy to navigate. The only problem I had was trying to figure
out what to look up first. I found that all the graphics and text appeared
quickly after the site was finished downloading.