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National Standards for Arts Education

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Submitted by: Cris Guenter (Faculty), Sep 03, 2000
Comment: The National Standards for Arts Education have been posted online by ArtsEdge at
the Kennedy Center, In fact, ArtsEdge has posted all of the national Standards
at their site, if you are looking for them. The National Arts Standards site
is used regularly by my student teachers, graduate students, and the public
school teachers with whom I work. This site is clear and organized. A Table of
Contents, a Preface with Defining Terms, and Introduction (which I often use
with my students to help them understand the rationale for arts education and
national standards), and the actual standards themselves are all here. The
Introduction portion also has a section on Context and Issues that addresses
nine big topics such as Standards Incorporate Cultural Diversity and the
Standards Provide a Foundation for Student Assessment. The information is very
accessible and easy to locate.