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Peer Review

Price Unit for Introductory Marketing



Overall Rating:

3.75 stars
Content Quality: 4.8 stars
Effectiveness: 4.8 stars
Ease of Use: 4.3 starsstar
Reviewed: Mar 22, 2007 by Business Editorial Board
Overview: This module, part of an introductory course in marketing, focuses on pricing.
It contains basic pricing theory along with examples and assignments
that reinforce the material.
Learning Goals: The learning goals are focused on conveying a basic understanding of pricing
concepts as part of a marketing plan. Emphasis is placed on application of
concepts that draw upon students' personal experiences with pricing issues.
Target Student Population: The obvious target student population is an undergraduate principles of
marketing class. However, this material could be used as a pricing refresher
for undergraduate and graduate students that need supplementary information.
Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills: No course prerequisites or special skills are needed as basic calculations are
clearly presented.
Type of Material: This module is designed to be used within a larger principles of marketing
Recommended Uses: This material could be used for an online principles of marketing course as the
core material for the pricing chapter. The material could also be utilized in
other courses as a pricing refresher or as reference material for pricing of
Technical Requirements: Both faculty and students would need to have access to the appropriate computer
technology. For anyone involved in distance learning, this material would fit
nicely into an online course.

Evaluation and Observation

Content Quality

Rating: 4.8 stars
Strengths: All of the basic pricing theories and terminology are covered in this module. An
enormous amount of information on pricing is presented with over 21 printed
pages of colorful examples (e.g., setting a price, market penetration pricing,
public policy pricing, etc.) The presentation is user-friendly and visually
engaging. Various assignments are integrated into the material. These
assignments are timely and draw upon students' personal experiences and
Concerns: For some students this module may feel overwhelming due to the volume of
information, examples, and exercises. However, the volume provides instructors
the ability to assign certain information, examples, and exercises to be

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

Rating: 4.8 stars
Strengths: This module demonstrates an effective blend of theory and real world assignments
and examples. The author demonstrates an impressive ability to get the
students to participate and interact with each other -- something that is
challenging to accomplish with distance learning. For example, the module
provides ideas on pricing questions that can be posed within online discussion

Concerns: None.

Ease of Use for Both Students and Faculty

Rating: 4.3 stars
Strengths: The material is very user friendly and provides excellent use of graphics and
examples to explain pricing. As with any student new to distance learning,
there will be a learning curve and a period of adjustment. However,
the ease of use of this material should speed up the learning curve.
Concerns: As mentioned earlier, the volume of information and exercises may feel
overwhelming to some students.

Other Issues and Comments: This module is a nice example of how to make online/distance learning material engaging. Even if someone is not looking for pricing material, it would be worth looking at this module just to see how "to do" distance learning. There are lots of good ideas presented by the author that extend beyond the basic pricing content.