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Peer Review

The Bob and Rob Show



Overall Rating:

5 stars
Content Quality: 5 stars
Effectiveness: 5 stars
Ease of Use: 5 stars
Reviewed: May 10, 2006 by World Languages Editorial Board
Overview: This site is similar to a talk show on the radio with two personalities (Bob and
Rob) who talk about different topics for each show. The shows are posted on
the web site semi-regularly. The focus is on everyday language. There is no
scoring as it is mainly a site to listen to what the hosts are talking about and
repeat the phrases to oneself. One of the cast members is a “Yank” and one is
a “Brit” so there are two dialects presented.

There are links to outside sources such as a site that has slang and idioms
(this was the focus of the most recent show that was posted) as well as other
sites dealing with common every day language. It is an audio site that offers
mp3 files. There is also focus on slang and the radio show atmosphere is very
entertaining as well.
Learning Goals: Listening practice
Target Student Population: ESL/EFL learners
Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills: Mid-beginning English
Type of Material: Podcasts
Recommended Uses:
Technical Requirements:

Evaluation and Observation

Content Quality

Rating: 5 stars
Strengths: The site has a very clear purpose. It is designed to allow students to hear
conversational language and how challenging phrases (including slang) are used
in authentic conversation. Between the many different “shows” that are available
on the site, learners can focus on different types of language and different
phrases. An example of one of the most recent shows is one of the cast members
talking about having a new child. Each show also has a short blurb about it to
help locate relevant topics.
Concerns: It seems that it would take a highly self-motivated student to actually take
much away from the site. Supplementary tasks and assignments are necessary.

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

Rating: 5 stars
Strengths: This is an excellent site for motivating listening materials. The banter back
and forth between the hosts is a great way to experience authentic
communication. The hosts also explain many of the slang phrases they use which
is helpful.


Ease of Use for Both Students and Faculty

Rating: 5 stars
Strengths: The site is very easy to use, the links are clear and the shows are easy to
find. Everything is labeled very well, there are descriptions of the different
shows and it is easy to determine what the shows are about. There is a place to
provide feedback (through comments) to the show and also to read other’s
comments that have been made. The information is presented in a way that
students can easily listen to the “show” and pause, move back, move forward.
The students should find the material interesting because of the manner that it
is presented because of its radio like appearance.

Other Issues and Comments: