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Peer Review

History of Fire Sprinklers

by Mary Bellis


Overall Rating:

3.25 stars
Content Quality: 2.75 stars
Effectiveness: 2.75 stars
Ease of Use: 3 stars
Reviewed: Jul 14, 2010 by Fire Safety
Overview: History of sprinkler systems.
Learning Goals: To teach about the history of fire sprinklers
Target Student Population: freshman and beginning fire prevention officer
Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills: none
Type of Material: Reference materials
Recommended Uses: introductory classes in fire science and fire engineering
Technical Requirements: None

Evaluation and Observation

Content Quality

Rating: 2.75 stars
Strengths: Good summary information
Concerns: To use this the individual must go to several sources to get the material for this lesson.

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

Rating: 2.75 stars
Strengths: will hold attention and relay basic information/history
Concerns: This lesson would not be very effective as it is now.

Ease of Use for Both Students and Faculty

Rating: 3 stars
Strengths: standard browser is effective. Site is well designed
Concerns: Not at all easy to use.

Other Issues and Comments: This lesson does not help the instructor to teach about sprinklers unless they are willing to do all of the research outlined in this article.