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Peer Review

An integrative framework of strategic international human resource management - Special Issue: Yearly Review of Management



Overall Rating:

4.5 stars
Content Quality: 4.75 stars
Effectiveness: 4.25 stars
Ease of Use: 3.75 stars
Reviewed: Jun 09, 2011 by Business Editorial Board
Overview: This document is a good reference for SIHRM practice.
Learning Goals: International HRM is a rapidly growing field as most organizations are operating in a global arena. This document will provide a lot of insights into this emerging area of study.
Target Student Population: International/global managers specializing in HRM. The target population is more likely to be at the graduate level.
Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills: Basic understanding of / familiarity with organizational theory from a organizational behavior framework.
Type of Material: Reference article
Recommended Uses: Providing students with a background on the history and development of strategic international human resource management.
Technical Requirements: browsing skills

Evaluation and Observation

Content Quality

Rating: 4.75 stars
Strengths: The article contains a comprehensive framework of the area of strategic international human resource management. The article also provides a clear linkage to key literature up to the date of publication.
Concerns: The article, although enjoying a strong citation history, is rather dated and misses many of the more recent development in talent management.

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

Rating: 4.25 stars
Strengths: The article can serve as a foundation in a suggested or required readings supplement. The article is also cited extensively in several texts providing historical linkage to the subject area.
Concerns: The age of the article means that several recent developments in global talent management are not incorporated.

Ease of Use for Both Students and Faculty

Rating: 3.75 stars
Strengths: Good summary of literature and concepts to date.
Concerns: The article is very academic in nature. It may not be a good source for students not at the masters or expert level.

Other Issues and Comments: Printing of the article from the website provided is cumbersome.