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Peer Review

Using Flickr as an online classroom - Case study

by Simon McIntyre


Overall Rating:

4.75 stars
Content Quality: 5 stars
Effectiveness: 4.75 stars
Ease of Use: 5 stars
Reviewed: Jun 29, 2011 by Teacher Education
Overview: This Learning to Teach Online case study aims to give you a basic understanding of the website, by explaining how Lynette Zeeng from Swinburne University of Technology used it to teach photography in a blended (face-to-face and online) class. It discusses the benefits of using an online community for submitting, organizing and giving feedback on images, and the impact on student learning. Key issues surrounding pedagogic planning and teaching with Flickr that were encountered in this context of the case study will also be examined, highlighting the benefits and potential issues of adopting this approach.
Learning Goals: The learner will learn how Flickr can be used as an instructional tool in an online environment.
Target Student Population: Grade School, Middle School, High School, College General Ed, College Lower Division, College Upper Division, Graduate School, Professional
Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills: Familiarity with using Flickr, basic Internet navigation
Type of Material: Workshop and training material Part of a series previously reviewed by the Teacher Education Board.
Recommended Uses: Homework, team, in class
Technical Requirements: Current browser with video capability that supports downloads.

Evaluation and Observation

Content Quality

Rating: 5 stars
Strengths: This video does a good job presenting Flickr as an instructional tool, especially in the area of photography.
Concerns: The focus is on a photography course, but the idea could be incorporated into other situations after viewing the video.

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

Rating: 4.75 stars
Strengths: The learning objectives connected to how Flickr could be used---offered facilitator tips.
Concerns: Outside of photography, it may not be “easy” to write assignments for in other content areas, but not impossible.

Ease of Use for Both Students and Faculty

Rating: 5 stars
Strengths: The video is nicely chunked and presents both content and application of the Flickr site.