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Peer Review

Skull Bones



Overall Rating:

3.75 stars
Content Quality: 3 stars
Effectiveness: 3.5 stars
Ease of Use: 5 stars
Reviewed: Mar 30, 2014 by Biology Editorial Board
Overview: “Skull Bones” is a quiz site for review of the skull bones. A cartoon image of the anterior and lateral views of the skull are presented. The student then drags the cursor over the bones and the name of the bone is highlighted. The bones for review are the frontal, mandible, maxilla, nasal, occipital, parietal, temporal and zygomatic bones.
Learning Goals: The user will learn the some of the bones of the skull.
Target Student Population:
  • High School
  • College
  • General Education
Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills:
  • None
Type of Material: This is an animation review
Recommended Uses:
  • review
  • tutorial
Technical Requirements: Flash player within a browser.

Evaluation and Observation

Content Quality

Rating: 3 stars
  • The site is clear and concise
  • Core content is presented
  • Simple illustrations outline and highlight some bone structures
  • The current images would be more useful if all the bones of the skull were included and could be highlighted.
  • A midsagittal, inferior and superior view of the cranial base, along with all bones being labeled, would lead to a more complete review for the learner.
  • The “Maxillary” bone is more accurately called the maxillae (plural) or maxilla (singular).

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

Rating: 3.5 stars
  • Images are clear and well diagramed
  • The learner can review quickly, and the answers are provided instantaneously
  • The site is interactive
  • No learning objectives provided
  • The site only tests recall of the bones and not higher order thinking
  • It misses a lot of bones
  • It doesn't indicate the views of the skull
  • It doesn't feature or describe any of the features of the bones

Ease of Use for Both Students and Faculty

Rating: 5 stars
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • The site is visually appealing and of high design quality.
  • None.

Other Issues and Comments: This site is of limited usefulness to college level students. I think it could be used to show some of the skull bones to elementary or middle school students. The content is incomplete.