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FRE 225 Second Language Learning


This course provides an analysis of the theories, research findings and instructional practices in foreign and second language learning, with practical illustrations in the areas of French as a second language. Students will learn how language-teaching methods have evolved since the1960s.

A variety of teaching approaches (behaviorist, audio-visual, communicative, cognitive, etc.) will be examined with reference to theoretical issues and historical background. Special emphasis will be placed on the teaching of specific skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), culture, the integration of technology, and on the roles of the teacher and the learner in the classroom.



FSL 161Y1 (77%)/181Y1/221Y1
or, upon first FRE/FSL enrollment, equivalent as determined by  the French Placement Test

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

- introduce students to methods and approaches in second language       education

- familiarize students with second language proficiency guidelines (Canadian and international)

- emphasize the importance of all four language skills in second          language learning

- focus on the integration of culture and technology

- engage students in an on-going review of scholarly research on second language   teaching and learning

- encourage students to communicate ideas and perspectives on second-language learning orally and in writing through oral presentations, curriculum reviews and research projects 




Assignments and evaluation:

Oral presentation (25%);

Mid-term Test (35%);

Final test (25%);

Overall assessment (15%). 

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Managing the Language Learning Process
    Can be used as support material for Second language learning JFI 225
  • Language Testing International - ACTFL Proficiency Guide Lines - Speaking
    Language Testing ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines
  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Pedagogical activities on French civilization
  • Play French
    Play French (Tutorial)
    Interactive grammar capsules for intermediate and advanced levels
  • Saveurs sans frontières: Learn French through Gastronomy
    Video (la Francophonie: Tahiti)
  • Méthodologies (La méthode traditionnelle)
  • Le français Interactif
    Le français Interactif (Reference Material)
    A complete first-year course in French language from the University of Texas at Austin featuring, audio, video, opinon... More
  • The French Revolution
    The French Revolution (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This free, online textbook/course provides basic historical background to the French Revolution. It will show that the... More
  • French à la mode
    French à la mode (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Website with activities for French learners at the beginning and intermediate levels that are intended to be used in... More
  • La théorie des Intelligences multiples d'Howard Gardner
    Individualiser les enseignements : la pédagogie au prisme des Intelligences multiples
  • Comment enseigner la grammaire?
    Table des matières 1. Présentation 2. La grammaire orthographique 3. La grammaire notionnelle 4. La grammaire... More
  • Former les enseignants au 21e siècle
    Quatre objets de (trans)formation du travail enseignant 1. Nouveaux espaces de formation 2. Nouveaux outils de formation... More
  • Méthodes et méthodologies pour l’enseignement des langues étrangères
    Cours vidéoscopés de canal-U
  • Foreign Language Teaching Methods
    Teaching Methodology