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Forgiveness and Compassion

This course will explore the role of the constructs of forgiveness and compassion in adults as they relate to adverse childhood experiences.

Communication techniques for engaging and validating patients for their past trauma will be practiced.

Reflection on personal trauma histories will be facilitated and reframing and resilience building techniques will be presented and incorporated into weekly clinical assignments.


Enrolled in Nursing, Medical or Allied Health Curriculum

Nursing Community Mental Health or Psychology Equivalent

Pediatric Nursing or Growth and Development Equivalent

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Students will gain competence in their ability to engage patients/clients utilizing reflective active listening;as well as acquire the ability to recognize the role of personal and political oppression on the assessment and interventions  most effective for healing individuals and communities.


Presentations and role playing and personal journals will allow the demonstatration of gained insight and mastered communication skills worth 50% of final grade

The final educational product of an Ebook will be on a self selected population of interest targeted for preventing community violence 50%

Other Information

Students may choose from interpersonal to oragnizational and national level challenges while incorporating the role of foregiveness and compassion in the prevention or solution of the issues.

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