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Hack The Hackers

Information Technology has grown tremendously during the last few decades and the Internet has become the primary source of knowledge. The latest information and the current technology are available through the Internet and various internet enabled devices making it the most valuable source of information to almost all people from the novice to the expert in all fields of knowledge. With the increase in use of the Internet as well as internet-enabled devices and all the data moving towards cloud it’s also creating a danger for the users to become a victim of cyber crimes. There are various types of cyber crimes taking place in various cyberspaces all over the world In this course we will be experiencing several cyber attacks both theoretically and practically. We will also discover the ways to protect ourselves from such attacks


Basic knowledge .of computers and the Internet

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Knowledge, Online Lectures, Softwares, Study Material, Internationally Valid Certificates and much more



Other Information