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Historical Skills - Copy

Introduction to the skills of secondary and primary source research, critical analysis of documentary sources, historical reasoning and the preparation of written reports. Attention to research procedures, record-keeping, citation, and bibliography.


Open to History majors who have completed at least 6 units of required lower division coursework. Recommended for second semester of sophomore year.

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Students will learn how identify primary and secondary sources, conduct research using primary and secondary sources, write an 8-10 page paper that includes an argument and incorporates primary and secondary sources to support the argument, and format the paper using correct grammar, syntax, and citations (including in-text quotation, in-text material citation, footnotes, and bibliography) that are appropriate to the discipline of history (Chicago Manual of Style).


Students will be assessed using the following assignments: 1) discussion forum, 2) analysis of primary and secondary sources, 3) writing a book review, 4) selecting a paper topic, 5) researching primary and secondary sources for the paper topic selected, 5) writing a bibliographical essay for the primary and secondary sources researched, 6) completing grammar exercises, 7) completing citation worksheets (footnotes, quotations, and bibliography), and 8) writing a short 8-10 page research paper that incorporates all of the historical skills covered over the course of the semester (listed in the student learning objectives).

Other Information


Course Resources

  • WebQuest Page
    WebQuest Page (Reference Material)
    Might be useful for students to get added insight on conducting online research.
  • Research Guide for Doing Undergraduate History
    Another potentially useful site for conducting online research.
  • Electronic Journals Library
    Electronic Journals Library (Reference Material)
    This site might include journals for which Sac State currently does not have subscriptions.
  • Global Development Network (GDN) - Free Journal Access Portal
    This would be a useful site for students to find additional journals that the university does not have.
  • More Than A List of Crew
    More Than A List of Crew (Reference Material)
    This would be especially useful to students interested in British seafaring history.
  • Focus on Film
    Focus on Film (Collection)
    This would be a useful site for students interested in researching and/or using films in their papers.