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World Regional Geography

This course examines world regions from a geographical perspective. Topics include major physical and cultural characteristics of each region, location, land forms, climate, population, political structures, agriculture, industry, resources, languages, and religions.




Prerequisite: Exemption from or completion of ENGL 0810 and READ 0810  

Pedagogical Approach

Class lecture and interactive activities

Learning Outcomes

This course prepares students to:  

Locate major geographical features on a blank map

Recognize how geography influenced the development of civilizations and countries

Identify major cultural, racial, and ethnic groups and major population centers

Explain the key factors shaping regional cultural identity

Evaluate the impact of political decision on countries, regions, and populations

Understand how our world is connected through trade and communication

Comprehend the role our country plays in world affairs


Grades are based on chapter quizzes, maps and map activities, essay and objective mid-term and final exams and a project.

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