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OneDrive Training for EDUC633

The goal of this course is to train junior level IT Technicians the fundamentals of using OneDrive. IT trainees will be trained on how to save files on their company-issued laptops and save data to the cloud. Also, technicians will demonstrate how to implement the software systemwide. The purpose of the course is to train technicians in the IT department on how to create files, folders, and profiles in OneDrive and retrieve saved files.Employees will be provided with access to individual OneDrive accounts set up under the corporate account. Employees will also be trained on and expected to download the app onto their mobile devices. The goal will be considered accomplished when all employees are using one drive for saving all their information.  


Pedagogical Approach

Online Course.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students should be able to: Successfully create and login to OneDrive with their respective company email address.  Navigate the OneDrive software application. Illustrate how to create and save files using OneDrive.  Demonstrate how to open and access files. 


Participant will have new hire showcase their understanding of the process by creating a test document, saving the document to OneDrive, copying it down to their desktop, making an edit, and uploading it back to their OneDrive successfully and unaided.  Learner must complete all parts of procedure, unaided in successfully training new employees on setup and use of OneDrive Accounts to complete final portion of assessment 20/100-point value for overall assessment. 

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