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Course ePortfolio

HBCU Webinar 6.29.2021 - copy

This is an example of a course e-portfolio that you can create for you and your students.


1.  Be a member of MERLOT

2.  Create a Bookmark Collection to use for this class.

Pedagogical Approach

  • Explain the approach to the course:  lecture, lab, hybrid, f-2-f, etc.

Learning Outcomes

1.  To be able to create an eportfolio for a class you are currently (or will) teach

2.  To use bookmark collections to provide content for your students

3.  To find an e-textbook that can substitute for the course text you currently use


  • How will you assess your students?
    • Project
    • Test
    • Presentation
    • Portfolio
    • Combination of the above
    • Other

Other Information


Course Resources

  • The Iris Center for Faculty Enhancement
    This site provides information on teaching students with disabilities. There are some great syllabi as well as multiple... More
  •  Open Annotation Platform allows you to annotate anything on the web. It could be used in a classroom where students must annotate... More
  • Online Readiness Self-Assessment
    This is a handy guide for students to determine whether they are ready for online learning. Looking through it can help... More
  • Basics of Copyright Law for Educators
    This tutorial can help faculty members know how to properly use materials in their classroom. In Teacher Education, it's... More
  • American Panorama
    American Panorama (Collection)
    This site provides maps, materials and photographs of American History. It could be useful in any number of disciplines.
  • The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies
    This site provides a lot of "do's" and "don'ts" for classroom discussion. It is useful not only for prospective... More
  • Tulane's Accessible Syllabus Site
    Tulane's Accessible Syllabus Site (Reference Material)
    This is a great site for helping you to create a syllabus that students will actually look at and use throughout your... More
  • chemistry teaching tools
    chemistry teaching tools (Development Tool)
  • Google Arts and Culture
    A site that could work for any discipline.
  • Copyright and Fair Use
    This is a bookmark collection by Dr. Cris Guenter, Professor Emerita, Calstate-Chico.
  • Copyright and Fair Use Animation
  • Biology Resources
    Bookmark Collection