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Ron Wyatt Miracles

To have a proper transfer of "understanding and awe", please don't skip over any part of these details:


These miracles have been blessed by GOD for an urgent course correction for all of humanity to know the only way to survive GOD’s penultimate removal of evil from earth is to be reconciled through His Son Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth. GOD is personally telling you to repent and be baptised as a new creation through His Son Yeshua; to live righteously into the Messianic Millenium when His Son will rule earth from Jersualem.

Hundreds of oracles have been blessed by GOD, including the "BIBLE" is true and to "PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE MESSIAH". 

Those will be shared after these first release oracles of GOD confirming the divinity of His Son.

So do not delay in seeking GOD's betterment for tomorrow as His day of judgment will come like Noah's flood; quickly and unexpectedly (Lk 17:26-27).


GOD’s miracles have previously been uploaded at  It’s there that proper attribution has been given to GOD (Y/H/V/H), Son Yeshua (Jesus), and GOD's Spirit as Creator of the miracles.  My name only appears as author of this page by Merlot requirement.  The Creative Commons ("License") listed below only apply to's own content.

Creative Commons Licensing:

Since GOD has utilized video testimony on to confirm the truth of Ron Wyatt’s discovery to all of humanity about the divine nature of His Son Yeshua (Jesus), the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 protections found on of “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International” described here: also apply to GOD’s miracles that this course links to.

Simply stated, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 means no commercialization or derivatives works are allowed, yet read the full license in the link above please.


  • Download the video files for local playback, as they don't stream well from 
  • When you do, consider reducing their playback speed to truly study and witness what GOD has blessed.

False Statement:

After GOD blessed these oracles between May 30 - June 10/22, the site added a video titled "Mary Nell on Ron Wyatt".  Sadly that video contains a false statement by Mary Nell that Ron Wyatt saw Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth in the Garden Tomb area.  Her false statement breaks many rules of scripture including loving a person’s idea or account more than GOD’s promises (Mt 10:37), it also ignores GOD’s curse for changing scripture (Rev 22:18-19).  Messiah Yeshua made it very clear (Mt 24:23-30) that He would not return until descending from His cloud of glory for all of humanity to witness

As of 7/14/22:

  • Ron Wyatt's children have refused to remove that false statement after my rebuke to them using GOD's scripture. 
  • Mary Nell's false statement is limited to saying that Ron Wyatt had an encounter with Messiah Yeshua (Jesus); when really a possible "angelic encounter" in the Garden Tomb.

  1. It's mandatory you read the descriptions of each video found at the links. Those descriptions help to put you in the driver's seat of this direct 1:1 teaching from GOD. 
  2. Since the video playback from doesn't keep up with the video frame rate, please download each video to play them locally from your computer.
  3. As a suggestion, where appropriate, slow their playback to witness the wonder GOD created to build your trust.  Olympic races are won by fractions of a second.  GOD has provided miracles that require similar discernment of time and His positioning of matter in a different way.

Pedagogical Approach

  • Constructivism
  • Social constructivism
  • Behaviorism (soley by GOD's instruction given in additional miracles like these to edify His Son Yeshua)

Learning Outcomes

GOD has oracled to "PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE MESSIAH" to say we are penultimate to His Day of Judgement; the return of His Son Yeshua to rule earth and for all evil and unsaved to be removed.  

These miracles are GOD's courtesy saying to be reconciled (to Him) through His Son Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth by following the Bible, and summarized to me as what I refer to as the three -ING's:

  • Lov-ING...GOD, Son Yeshua
  • Follow-ING...GOD, Son Yeshua
  • GOD, Son Yeshua, and GOD's Holy Spirit.


I'll look to add e-teaching courseware so you can analyze the miracles from screen capture through frame by frame analysis.  This will take some time so please email your request based on your territory of citizenship:


Other Information

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