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Assignment 4
Course: This website has a lot of different educational videos with lesson plans that correspond with the videos. I am actually using one of these videos in my ICE presentation on fossils.
Share This website has a rich archive of images. There are actual photos of frog dissections and cells under a microscope that can be used to enhance the lesson. It also has a huge array of worksheets that can be used for in class and homework activities.

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes This website is definitely useful for making exam questions. It has an archive of all the past regents exams with answer keys.

Assessment This website is extremely useful it provides powerpoint slides for almost every science topic. Also, has lab activities, worksheets, videos and tests. Definitely useful for new teachers.

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Actin-myosin crossbridge animation
    I would use this animation when teaching muscle contraction. I feel that this is a difficult concept to grasp and with... More
  • Fish Out of Time
    Fish Out of Time (Animation)
    This website is all about the Coelocanth, which until recently was thought to be extinct. This website provides lots of... More
  • Mitosis: The Division of Plant & Animal Cells
    I would use this website when teaching mitosis. The website provides videos for both animal and plant cells and the cell... More