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Global eLearning Courses

The Online Master of Science in Global eLearning equips specialists in education for practice in public education, private education, business, industry, and non-profit organizations. Learning and technology are intertwined as we develop the next generation of enhanced training, development, and teaching to engage learners with key components of instructional technology. Technology provides access to all forms of education and this program will teach educators how to implement technology across curricula and classrooms of all kinds. With a blend of theory and technical skills, this program will prepare teachers and corporate trainers alike.


Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

1. Metacognition - Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills for designing, developing, and evaluating personal strategies for learning and leading.

2. Communication - Students will communicate ideas and content to actively engage participants.

3. Digital Fluency - Students will evidence digital fluency in the adoption and integration of appropriate technologies into digital presentations.

4. Cultural Fluency - Students will evidence understanding of generational and cultural learning styles.

5. Global Fluency - Students will develop instructional materials appropriate for a global perspective.

6. Servant Leadership - Students will practice the principles of servant leadership as espoused by Robert Greenleaf.

7. Commitment to Life-Long Learning - Students will evidence a commitment to lifelong learning in the production and evaluation of learning materials.


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Course Resources

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  • Rubric for Online Instruction
    Rubric for Online Instruction (Reference Material)
  • Learning Styles - Left or right brain dominance