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Macaulay Library

Macaulay Library

The Macaulay Library archive, world’s largest archive of animal sounds, has an extensive organized and documented collection of birds’ recordings and associated videos.  It is an important resource for anyone interested in the sound of the natural world.  This collection could be utilized for scientific studies on how animals communicate and express themselves. It could also be...

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lkkcdrb lkh vtfvko (Faculty)
16 years ago
I was taken at the outset by the beauty of the sound that birds produce so innocently. But then I came to respect the painstakingly methodical effort that resulted in this monumental catalog. This site is not for ornithologists only: it is for everyone. Just to mention one, the composer Olivier Messiaen in his work for the piano, The Catalogue d'oiseaux of 1959 is derived from bird-song and demonstrates the complexity and beauty of the subject. Linguists talk about how speakers of different languages interpret the syntax and the meaning of birds talk. Even lovers are inspired by the birds sound, as they beautifully say: “the birds are singing for me and my gal” (Judy Garland & Gene Kelly, 1942