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Finite Math for Windows

Finite Math for Windows

Finite Math for Windows is a software package that enables students to easily solve problems and/or check their work in Finite Mathematics. It consists of 17 modules that correspond to the chapters in most Finite Mathematics books. Use of the software is intended to move the students from the calculator world into the more business-like world of software to help prepare them for their careers. ...
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charlie sam
charlie sam (Student)
13 years ago
finite math for windows is a site that helps students by giving them the tools of the software, so students can solve problems and checks it after that answers will be provided. which is effective.The software is made only for window users. The software makes it easier to search for topics related to the finite mathematic books.The site makes it so that you can print out the problems to take it on the go. The software also has demos which you can download for free. This sites allows students to freshen up on their math skills.
Time spent reviewing site: 45 mins spent reviewed,and the site provides interactive demos for students to use.
Claudia Ayerdis
Claudia Ayerdis (Student)
14 years ago
Found that this site interesting, as a first time user I have know been on this site for almost 2 hours. there is a lot of information to cover. This would be a could companion program to run while in a finite math class.

Technical Remarks:

I found it very difficult to follow. I downloaded the demo and felt lost to try to figure out how to use it. I is possible that because I don't have the full version I do not have access to some of the material that would make the site user friendly.
Christine DeRouin
Christine DeRouin (Student)
15 years ago
This site is a good resource for the classroom and home use, and I spent an hour exploring the different areas in this interactive website. It's a 30-day free trial download that does a good job of presenting concepts and models that are educationally significant to any Finite Math class. I believe that students and faculty can benefit by using this resource. For example, you can enter a problem from your textbook and this site will help you do it! Even though the downloading process and familiarizing yourself with the program takes time, once that's done, first time users will find it very useful and helpful.
Used in course? Yes