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Defendants Virtual Walkthrough

Defendants Virtual Walkthrough

If you have been accused of a crime you will be known as a defendant, which means you have the opportunity to defend yourself against the charges made against you. This can be a confusing experience, and this website will show you what you can expect to happen. The tour aims to guide you through the processes within the criminal justice system of England and Wales, from the time you are charged (including the police investigation), to you making a plea at a magistratesÂ’ court, going to trial and being sentenced if you admit or are found guilty of the offence. All the agencies of the criminal justice system are committed to providing a fair and effective service to all communities, with no discrimination.


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Stephanie Jerstad
Stephanie Jerstad (Faculty)
1 week ago
I found this site to be useful to those who are walking through the criminal justice system. It would be helpful to have something similar in the United States to increase the knowledge base of those involved in the criminal justice system.
Deborah Eckberg
Deborah Eckberg (Faculty)
12 years ago
Nicely done. A great overview of the criminal justice process from the point of view of the defendant. The only downside is that it is specific to the U.K. (in terminology and some process elements). Would love to see a similar simulation for the U.S.

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