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Microsoft Excel tutorial and training videos

Microsoft Excel tutorial and training videos

High quality, totally free online tutorial videos for microsoft office excel 2013. Learn this spreadsheet with very simple and easy to understand training videos.


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Norana Cantrell
Norana Cantrell (Student)
9 years ago
These tutorial videos are very good - a great introduction to Excel plus they cover most of the convenient tricks that I almost always use and introduce others to in Excel. However, I wish they would cover more of the formulas that makes Excel such a powerful tool.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 2 hours
Kristi Spinnie
Kristi Spinnie (Faculty)
11 years ago

Excellent, easy-to-use tutorials. My students used the Excel tutorials and found them to be very helpful.

Used in course? Yes
Cathy Swift
Cathy Swift (Administrator)
12 years ago

Great use of videos to explain the different commands in Excel. The page is a bit distractful due to color and graphics, but the content is exceptional.

Pam Beveridge
Pam Beveridge (Faculty)
13 years ago
Very useful. Will use in an online classroom setting.
Kate McConologue
13 years ago
One of the Excel tools this RLO explains via animation is the VLOOKUP function which is extremely useful in performing data suppressions. When I first started in my current position, our group was paying our mail room to use a special program to perform data suppressions to our mail files. While explaining this process to a friend, she mentioned an Excel function that could accomplish this same task in about 15 seconds (and for free!). I jumped on the opportunity to learn how to use the function but while my friend’s verbal instruction made sense, writing out the step-by-step instructions was a challenge. I ended up jotting down a very rough cheat sheet using screen shots and corresponding instructions that almost everyone in the office asked to photocopy at some point. The VLOOKUP tutorial on this site not only takes the learner more accurately through these instructions, it also visually takes the learner through the steps, which my cheat sheet could never accomplish. If I had known about this RLO a year ago, it would have saved me a lot of explanations, frustration, and trips to the copier.
Dr. Debra Schwietert
14 years ago
Easy to follow tutorial videos of excel and word. Self-directed students would find these very helpful, especially for an online class.

Technical Remarks:

I would love to have had sound along with the videos. Not sure if my computer wasn't playing or if the sound wasn't there.
Sarah McCorkle
Sarah McCorkle (Faculty)
14 years ago
These are great little videos. The content is grouped into small chunks of information. This would be a good place for students to go and review information when they get stuck.
Kenneth Roper
Kenneth Roper (Administrator)
15 years ago
I like the video presentation -- it clearly shows the process and is more engaging than traditional printed instructional media. The ability to review the material as frequently as desired is also beneficial.