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An Introduction to Organic Chemistry

An Introduction to Organic Chemistry

To understand and achieve a practical mastery of organic chemistry requires an evaluation of interacting, and often competing principles and factors. These do not generally lend themselves to a quantitative treatment, so qualitative judgements as to their relative importance are necessary. Six important factors to which repeated reference will be made are: The Structure and Shape of Molecules Charge Distribution and Interaction within Molecules The Relative Energy and Stability of Molecules Chemical Reactions of Organic Compounds and the Equations that Describe Them Reaction Rates and Equilibria Acid - Base Interactions


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Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia (Faculty)
2 years ago
This online resource contains ample fundamental materials for beginning Organic chemistry topics. It is quite suitable to supplement a required classroom textbook. However, the page general formatting, especially the initial opening page is a bit wanting, and can be a bit overwhelming, if not intimidating for browsers. Each section is amply discussed, but can be text-heavy for an online resource. Good reinforcement exercises are appended.
Time spent reviewing site: 2 hrs
Ngozi Onyia
Ngozi Onyia (Faculty)
7 years ago

This text provides an introduction to organic chemistry for students who require the fundamentals of organic chemistry as a requirement for their major. It shows the interrelation between organic chemistry and the biological and health sciences, making it easy to understand by students. It also illustrates the use of organic chemistry as a tool in theses sciences and stresses the organic compounds, both natural and synthetic, that surround us in everyday life, which will enables students to make the connections between organic chemistry in the classroom and the world around them. Key ideas pivotal to Students’ development in organic chemistry are further reinforced in end of topic practice problems which will help students to practice and test their knowledge.

Time spent reviewing site: 2 hours