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Online Biology Book

Online Biology Book

Amounts to an introductory biology text. The text items are modified lecture outlines the author developed over the many years of teaching college-level introductory biology.


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Zac Morr
Zac Morr (Student)
4 years ago

First of all in 10 min i counted about 13 lies or things so ignorant u should not be making biology textbooks (plz ignore my spelling, i only talk like this on unofficial documents online), and second i think its really dumb to say a supernatural creation of life is not science nor scientific and especially being it is the only way possible due to law of biogenesis, also if a theory has been tested several times, why is evolution and big bang a theory, they are not made by observations more just assumptions, and to also ignore the question of the begining of the unviverse, that denies 2nd law thermodynamics, law of cause and effect, and ignores the question, i fail to see how this is accurate and will personally not accept it, plus to leave out important parts like how carbon dating is totally inaccurate how fossils could just possibly , just possibly not good "proof" and other stuff, plz go back, and fix alot of this, and make a dang unbias book for heavens sake, also evolution is a religion-remember.

Time spent reviewing site: Like just 10 min but still